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Luke is the best. He is honest, knowledgeable, smart, and decent. I brought my BMW 325xi wagon to him until it was totaled. During the life of the car it needed a variety of repairs, and all of them were done in a timely fashion and at rates much lower than those charged by the local dealer. I look forward to having the opportunity to bring my car to him in the future (now driving a Murano, so this will have to wait). When I have been in the market for cars, Luke has helped me out in finding the right car, and he is generous with his time and knowledge. When I mention his name around town, everyone speaks of him and his shop in glowing terms.
Ted. E., Amherst, MA

Zbylut Motors is the ONLY place I will service my vehicles! I worked for 8 years as a technician for Audi dealerships in the NY/NJ area and am very critical of who works on my vehicle. When I moved to MA 2 years ago, I was thrilled to find a local shop that specialized in german cars. The owner Luke is an expert and master of the craft. I have owned Audi, Porsche and currently own 2 Mercedes Benz, an S320 purchased form Zbylut Motors and a Mercedes E63 AMG. Luke has the latest equipment to work on the new highly technical cars as well as the experience and knowledge to care for the older models. German cars are the best around but need to be cared for by a specialist in order to enjoy them as they are meant to be. You can trust in Luke and Zbylut Motors to provide the best in care for your vehicles.
Paul S., Belchertown, MA

I have been taking my 2007 BMW 550i to Zyblut since the original BMW warranty expired. I have found their work and customer service to meet or exceed that I received from any BMW dealer... And not only at a lower price, but with care and consideration of what really needs to be done and repaired, versus, just do anything and everything.
Luke has been excellent and I highly recommend them.
Dan G, Amherst MA

                                                                                          Our 2004 Jetta 2.0 had a catastrophic failure when the engine mounts broke and, in the process, cracked the transmission casing. The car had to be towed to Zbylut's and Luke found us a transmission with only 44,000 miles on it. He replaced the transmission and we also had him replace the timing belt and water pump at the same time. The car was misfiring and Luke picked up on that and repaired it as well. The car runs like the day we bought and is as quiet as when it rolled off the showroom floor. All of this took less than 1 week!
Luke's attention to detail and knowledge of cars is phenomenal. You know your mechanic looked over your car thoroughly when he let's you know the license plate light is out and the cabin air filter is dirty even though the problem that brought the car to him in the first place was 100% in the engine compartment.
Finally, the prices are far less than what a dealer would charge. No dealer will ever match Luke's attention to detail and passion for cars, so getting his service at a lower price is a bonus. Some people point out that Zbylut is likely to repair things that "they didn't bring the car in for." In truth, they repair what needs to be repaired to keep your car in top shape. I like the attention to detail and the fact that they catch things that need to be addressed. The only reason things like that don't happen at other mechanic shops is because other people just don't care.
I feel my car is in great hands with Zbylut Motor Works and Luke's attention to detail gives me confidence that I can keep this car forever if I choose to. This was our first trip to Zbylut as we are new to the area, but we will be going back for all of our maintenance and repair needs. Take your car to Zbylut if you care about its performance, maintenance and longevity. You won't be disappointed.

Logan J., Northampton MA

I have owned over the past 40 years a range of unusual italian and German car so have dealt with some very good mechanics. Zyblut Motors is the best in my experience. Great diagnosis. Great repair. Very fair pricing. Service with a capital S. Although I don't live in Amherst, my two aging BMWs and not so old Porsche will all be in Luke Zyblut's hands for any and all repairs. I stumbled on his shop by accident when the air suspension on my dealer maintained 540i went phooey just opposite his shop. A stroke of luck for me. No more dealer maintenance for me...talking through Service Managers and parts depts, who, good as they try to be, don't really know the cars as Luke does.
 Bruce Buxton, Rochester, Vermon

                                                                                       When I moved out of the country a couple of years ago, I had to sell the Mercedes 300D I bought from Luke. I was very, very sad. Luckily, I bought another 300D - this time with a turbo - this past year when I moved to Washington, D.C. I drove the car up to Luke for him to inspect it and give it his seal of approval. He raised it on the lift, visually inspected the whole vehicle, and told me I had done well and made a great find. In the years I have been his customer, Luke not only repaired my cars, but also gave me the education I needed to be able to make sound car-related decisions and perform much of the maintenance myself.
Christian Y. , Boston MA

                                                                                          Just recently switched to ZMW from a dealership in Springfield for service on my BMW, very fair prices and honest guys. The owner Luke even put the inspection fee from my initial visit towards my repair bill! If you have an aging German car and want to keep your arms and legs I'd definitely recommend checking these guys out.
Mike H. , West Springfield, MA






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